Village voice horoscope february 3 2020

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The 6 th Ray is concerned with religion and idealism and Mars square Neptune gives rise to such things as suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots, i.

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As politics these days has been practiced with religious fervor, I think that this aspect can give rise to political and well as religious idealism or great, harmful foolishness in recent years! April Saturn turns retrograde at Although efforts at communicating will be present, there will be difficulty in reaching accords.

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Differences will outweigh mutual interests; national economic and political interests will outweigh global ones. On a personal level, I have natal Mercury at 20 Aries, so am looking forward to a good day for writing and speaking with others; perhaps with Saturn square this position, I will write about these conflicting situations that is if there are no problems with my own communication networks at the time! Very complex. The squares speak about profound differences in motivations for communications and the making of political and economic decisions or decrees.

The trine between Mercury and Jupiter on a personal level can be great for education or travel depending if degrees of the fiery signs are strong and positive in your natal chart.

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Make sure if these degrees in Aries are involved that personal responsibilities are well defined before expansive decisions or movements are made. There will be a need to blend Saturn in Capricorn contraction, responsibility with Jupiter in Sagittarius expansion, opportunity. The challenge is to be focused in your purpose. Not my favorite combination of planets, signs, and aspects.

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If configured strongly to your natal chart, challenges in relationship are likely especially where finances are concerned as well as the focus of power in a relationship which is often one and the same. The trouble spot is the house where Venus is transiting and the tension will be expressed through the house that Saturn and Pluto transit. On the world scene, this combination of planetary aspects just augments the political and economic tensions taking place this month, ones I have already been describing.


Maybe, just maybe some Plutocrat or group of Plutocrats will suggest something helpful—this natal Jupiter trine the Sun astrologer can be optimistic! Positions in Taurus in these degrees may also be benefit. These degrees in Capricorn however are much more complex to interpret as they are part of a year-long station and involve some pretty hefty life changes, some of which may prove very beneficial in the long term Capricorn often benefits from the long rather than the short term. May Venus in Aries sextile to Mars in Gemini at 28 degrees of these signs.

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Taken on its own, this is a lovely combination for taking a nice walk with someone whom you fancy. A rather light touch to a rather heavy month! May Venus finally comes home to a comfortable spot in the zodiac as she enters 0 Taurus and remains in this, her own sign until June 8 th. Mars in Cancer unlike Mars in Aries, is recused therefore from a more thrilling life experience.

In Cancer, he also stimulates the solar plexus which often impels people to act on emotion without consulting the mind. This may also be a positive day for such individuals to make a short journey for business purposes. Wesak is the holiest day of the year for most Buddhists as it is believed that the Lord Buddha was born, reached Enlightenment, and died all on this Full Moon. Briefly and with due respect, the theme of Wesak has to do with detachment from and the death of Scorpio form Taurus.

This process is one of the primary Teachings in Buddhism. Eventually the total release from karma leads to pure bliss.

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Mercury trine Pluto in the earthy signs can certainly give profound insights into the nature of form while Venus conjunct Uranus can help us to share and enjoy form with a special group of friends. It may also bring some insights into new social purposes for the right use of the material life. Greetings everyone. From an astronomical perspective a blue moon is defined as two full moons taking place within the span of a single calendar month.

We are thus looking in a very collective sense at the nature of human relationships. What they are saying to you, the personal messages that they hold for you depends on which houses in your natal chart they fall and if they are touching another planet or major point in your natal chart. This will have a lot to do with tensions squares between commercial Taurus and political groups Aquarius. History has shown that Peace the heart is quite a bit more difficult to achieve and maintain than is conflict and the territorial nature of the solar plexus , which is much easier to ignite and then ignite again.

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Astrology students, please contemplate that Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mars is in fall in Cancer. At the moment, a number of countries are on Daylight Savings Time while many nations are not. If you need to know the time difference between GMT and your current, local time zone, just ask this question of your search engine. March Sun enters Aries at Wow as in Wow! But to me the dominating aspect is Venus ruling the Moon in Libra square Mars ruling the opposing Sun in Aries and I feel that the dynamic of disharmony may well dominate these days and much of this astrological month for that matter.

On a personal level, degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn as well as 22 to 24 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are sensitive during these opening three days of the month. March 23 to April 4: Mercury conjunct Neptune at 16 to 18 degrees of Pisces; Mercury goes direct at On the mundane level will issues concerning the oceans, fishing, oil, and wet weather be prominent in the news?

Well it is only logical to think so! If you happen to have your natal Mercury at these degrees, you should keep a notebook or drawing pad handy as there is apt to be a lot of inspiration at best or confused thinking at worst. This wavy current can be quite helpful however to artists, actors, and dreamers. Bookkeepers and accountants will not appreciate this transit so much! My calendric birthday is on March 28 th, but I am happy to say the Mercury will be direct in my solar return chart on March 29 th and conjunct my natal Venus…hmmm…sounds like a sweet and friendly 75th birthday party!

I will be celebrating it in Beijing along with a number of new Chinese students and friends and a few others from other countries! Some people enjoy Mercury retrograde in their natal map as it does give a tendency for introspection and research. But this natal Mercury in Aries man with a Gemini Moon prefers direct communication!

This is a very pleasant combination, one that is very good for social activities with friends. It is also great for browsing for unusual items in antique shops and flea markets. If these degrees touch your natal Venus or Moon in Pisces, Taurus, or Capricorn, you may find something quite unique and wonderful.

As this is the month of Aries, the position of Mars is quite important. Its passage into Gemini means especially for children of the Ram as well as those of the Scorpion , the urge to travel about will be on the agenda. April 2: Mercury direct exactly conjunct Neptune at New Moons indicate the beginning of the lunar cycle and thus it is also a good time to initiate projects.

This would be especially the case now that Mercury is direct, and the luminaries are both in the sign of new beginnings—Aries. Look to the house where 15 Aries falls in your natal chart and this will give you a direct answer to where in your life such new adventures or enterprises are likely to be initiated.

Mercury and Saturn when in sextile or trine are very compatible as they are both mental planets. This is thus a good time for looking at hidden clues Mercury in Pisces for making advances in career and other practical facets of life Saturn in Capricorn. This would of course be especially true if your natal chart featured degrees of Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio. April 9 to Jupiter retrograde on the 9 th ; Sun square Saturn on the 9 th to the 11 th , Pluto conjunct the south node; Sun square Pluto and the north and south nodes; Mercury sextile Pluto on 10 th th ; Sun trine Jupiter on the 12 th th.

Taking them together I would say that there is much chaos in the world during these five days. Meetings are likely to take place to sort out these difficulties Mercury sextile Pluto ; many will be international in scope Sun trine Jupiter. April 9: Jupiter turns retrograde at Action should be taken only when there is a correct assessment of boundaries and true capacities, otherwise failure or at the very least, blockages may occur. On a more personal level, look to see if these degrees affect your horoscope in these two signs as well as in Cancer and Libra. Those of us fortunate to have degrees of Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Taurus prominent in our natal chart just may find a financial boost or bonus in our lives during this time.

The Fish swim strongly this month, but the currents are crossed. On March 23 rd of that year there will be an exact conjunct of the Sun and Neptune at 23 Pisces with Jupiter at 17 degrees of that sign, BUT on April 12, , Jupiter and Neptune will once again conjoin this time at 24 Pisces. But in , Saturn is still in Capricorn and definition, structure, and practical purpose are traits that strongly color the year.

There is thus the orientation in that the ideal must be balanced with the real, the devotional with the pragmatic, the dream and vision with correct action and its implementation. The month of Pisces, will embody these conflicting or complementary qualities. It all depends on how you play out this celestial dance on earth.

Or—just through back a cold one, have a puff, and enjoy the chaos! Here is my take on the major transits for this astrological month. Please note that all dates and times are give out in GMT as my welcomed readers live all over the world some are even thinking about getting a condo in either Greenland or Antarctica as it is getting rather tropical in those areas these days and Iceland is being overrun by tourists in sun glasses! February Full Moon at The answer to this question may prove beneficial to explore in activities described by the two houses of your natal chart where these two degrees are found.

Should 20 to 22 of the mutable signs be of importance to you, this may not be the best day to buy tickets for a trip, sign up for a workshop or webinar, or involve yourself in legal matters. In general, this is a day in which there is apt to be some chaos or confusion at airports or other transportation hubs and services. The sextile between Mercury and Venus is excellent for communication, sharing, partnership, and contracts while Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn can bode very well for commercial ventures or rewards. A good time to say what you feel to the people who need to hear it.

If these degrees fall in a positive place in your own chart, this trine may give inspiration for some form of writing or speaking that comes from deep within and seeks a more public exit. The sextiles between these two planets bode very well for making friendships and agreements. If we carefully note the two signs, these indications may extend into behind the scenes Pisces financial negotiations Capricorn.

Of course, like any positive human being, one hopes that these aspects may help the incredibly polarized state of world politics especially these days in the USA, EU, and the UK. One can only hope…But on a more personal level, if you have the last 10 degrees of Taurus, Capricorn, or Pisces in prominent placements in your natal chart, you should benefit nicely from these sextiles—all of them including the one between the Sun and Mars.

village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020
village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020
village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020
village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020
village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020
village voice horoscope february 3 2020 Village voice horoscope february 3 2020

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