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To a great extent, astrology is used to forecast and predict future events and can also be used as a medium to get rid of any kind of disaster-related to planetary positions. Concept that planetary bodies in the solar system can provide a vision of the future has fascinated people for a very long time. It is known that many successful people have asked astrologers to help make decisions in their lives.

Astrology is nothing but the prediction for your future from your past and present. People who believe in Karma will go for Astrology Predictions.

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Why because Today Karma is your Tomorrow fate. If you are confused like Does this help to guide am I going in the right path? Astrology will helpful for your question, it will also help to correct our mistakes in your future life. In present, you can correct on time, past mistake you won't repeat it. If you consider the basic difference between Western and Vedic astrology is each system's choice of Zodiac. Western astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac, where the beginnings of the twelve signs are defined by the Sun's possible orbit around the Earth means the onset of the four seasons, when the Sun crosses the Equator and its uppermost and lowest points.

Why do people need to prefer Indian Astrology?

Indian or Vedic astrologers , use the Sidereal Zodiac, which is based upon the physical positions of the planets in the sky. They choose a starting point for the beginning of Aries and proceed in equal degree segments for subsequent signs. While planets in signs are used widely in Western astrology as the major definer of the expression of a planet. If you consider 12 houses in the Horoscope also, most modern Western astrologers use one of the many house systems that place the degree of the Ascendant as the beginning of the First House, with either unequally or equally-sized houses.

Vedic astrologers , by and large, use Whole Sign Houses, where the Ascendant can fall anyplace in the First House, and each house comprises all of one sign. If you consider about Planets and Sign rulerships, Western astrologers use major planets including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and several characteristic rulerships of Aquarius to Uranus, Pisces to Neptune, and Scorpio to Pluto. Vedic astrologers, attach to the apparent planets, these through Saturn, using traditional rulerships, of Aquarius to Saturn, Pisces to Jupiter, and Scorpio to Mars.

If you consider Aspects, Orbs, Aspect Patterns and Chart Shape, Western astrologers use a variety of aspects, always including the five Ptolemaic aspects, with tight circles of 10 degrees or less, determined by the type of aspect. Planets only aspect other planets and angles. Vedic astrologers use different approaches, each planet associated with all planets in the same house, and aspects of the opposite house and any planets in that house. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter also have extra special aspects to both planets and houses.

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What is Vedic Astrology? Everyone has understood of astrology. In western astrology, it is all about sun signs. Vedic Astrology is different. You might know what Vedas are, they are the oldest inscriptions known to exist and dates at least years back.

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These Vedas have a wide ocean of knowledge of both the material and spiritual kind. In that Vedic literature, it talks a lot about astrology and the knowledge of it has been passed on from generation to generation since time ancient. Vedic Astrology existed way before the other astrology around the world, and preferably, it was the Indian Vedic Astrology that spread to cultures like Persian, Greek, Chinese, and Babylonian.

If you want to understand the difference between western astrology and Indian astrology, we must analyze the following:. In the sky, there are planets of the Zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Virgo , and so on. The actual astronomical planets are on what Vedic Astrology is based on, but Western Astrology follows a fabricated zodiac that slowly moves backward in space as a function of time. We the Indians often depend on astrology to make our days lucky and life positive. For example, we often worship Lord Ganesha before initiating Are you looking forward to making a fantastic year?

Do you wish to bring the best out of the given time? Getting insights from a famous astrologer about how the coming year will fare for you can then In an increasingly unstable word, he will keep things relatively stable in India. He will also win a third term, but install a younger PM in the middle of third term and retire from politics. The caricatures of Modi by both liberal media and right-wing media are incorrect.

He is a sincere, humble, honest, pious and patriotic man. But, people around him in his own party are not. As he makes their life miserable, they will be conspiring against him. But June-Sep is terrible for him, with a chance of losing power. If he politically survives that phase which is quite possible , he will lose in He will spend in a deep depression — dejected, disturbed, isolated, frustrated and angry.

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In spite of his current success, history will not be kind to him. US economy will be moving erratically and looking for a direction for a while, but the next couple of years are not good overall. There is a recession in the near future. Also, he will increasingly see war as a means to ensure re-election. The temptation will increase closer to the election.

Iran will be the epicentre of a confrontation involving Israel, Iran and major world powers. A war may break out in the second half of or There will also be some tensions in the far east, with China trying to assert itself and trampling some western interests.

astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india
astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india
astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india
astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india
astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india
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astrology blogs india Astrology blogs india

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