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I look for it now. Particularly when a zodiac sign is going through a hard time anyway I look and ask myself whether what I write could be misinterpreted. This was above and beyond what most horoscope writers consider the call of duty. Jonathan clearly did not take that approach.

His horoscope columns and readings were grounded in real astrology and in ideas he drew on from many sources. When done with care, horoscopes serve what I consider to be a therapeutically sound function. As children, we heard these damaging voices, and often learned to speak to ourselves in this way.

Jonathan Cainer: The Cosmic Voice of Reason

We learned to do this from having the relationship, which involves taking on some of who the therapist is — their wisdom as well as something about them personally. Like ego is itself a kind of fictional entity, this fictional inner therapist can help us transcend, or exist as an alternative to, deeply negative influences until we begin to encounter a true inner voice of Self. This transference may be the only teaching there really is, and it may be the one factor inherent in all forms of human contact. What we are teaching transcends the subject matter and almost always goes to the level of existence.

In this way, an oboe teacher can become an important mentor; a housekeeper can become a trusted advisor; a cab driver can show up as an incarnation of God, which is the story of the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna is really a chariot driver, but you get the idea. Something similar sometimes happens when we follow horoscope columns.

That is, the voice we encounter on the pages of the newspaper or on the Internet can speak to us in other times and places where no writer has written anything. The voice of the writer, listened to every day or every week, can become an inner experience with a life of its own. Yet horoscopes hold a special place for many readers because the writer is allegedly speaking on behalf of the heavens.

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In this particular respect, astrology transcends psychology and all forms of conventional reason; people approach astrology with an entirely different point of view than most other subjects. This viewpoint embraces their relationship with the total cosmos, which means existence. In this sense, the voice of an astrologer becomes the voice of the cosmos, which readers then internalize, day after day, year after year.

If not, what exactly are they doing? Which is an astrologer going to feed? Or we might put it this way: what are the limits on what an astrologer thinks is possible? Is he or she familiar with win-win situations?

Daily Scorpio Horoscope from Oscar and Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

He does not take it with him. He leaves it with us. He has certainly left it with me, along with teaching me the astrology business and doing many, many things to help me and Planet Waves and many others that I will leave for you to discover in my audio tribute to him. Jonathan, thank you. I am honored to have counted you as a personal friend, and to have known that one of the greats was a down-to-earth guy who did not merely believe what he said; he taught what he knew to be true. With love,. Editor and Publisher: Eric Francis Coppolino. Web Developer: Anatoly Ryzhenko.

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Designer: Lizanne Webb. Finance : Victoria Pomante. Astrology Editor: Amanda Painter. Astrology Fact Checker: Len Wallick. Outreach Co-ordinator: Victoria Bodge. Client Services: Amy Elliott. If all such statements were neatly linked, the world would be highly enlightened. We allow beliefs to influence our likes and dislikes, then figure that as long as we are happy with what we think we ought to feel, we need not go to the trouble of checking to see if we truly feel that. This weekend brings a happy, healthy, reality check. You are not on the verge of being defeated.

If, though, you now face circumstances that are seemingly less than ideal, you can either bemoan your lot or embrace your challenge. As the second option will bring good results and the first will only lead round in circles, how can you do anything this weekend, but reach for your best judgement, optimism, insight and wisdom.

These may not be immediately easy to summon but will lead you to a point where you can feel truly glad of all you have done. The world is not the same as it once was. Consider all the social, political, technological, even moral transformation we have witnessed in our lifetimes. All that change has not been happening to everyone else while you and I have been standing still.

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We have been evolving too. We continue each day, at some subtle level, to become more aware, informed and conscious. This weekend, you will understand more about your own journey and will see what wonderful progress this can lead to next. Some professional people command a great air of authority yet there must be times when they are off duty and need no longer maintain such a stern demeanour.

Indeed, we have to hope so for their families might not appreciate spending their leisure time with someone who was always serious and frosty. It is, of course, always important to respect rules but there comes a point where we have to decide not to let them bind us too tightly, if only for the sake of our sanity.

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  8. Relax this weekend. We might benefit enormously, just from striving to attain them. But the ability to stand back and see a situation in perspective hardly requires such high spiritual advancement. In freeing yourself from a source of stress this weekend, it is enough to wonder why you are allowing yourself to take an issue so seriously.

    If folk never got sick, why would we want doctors? Who profits most from dirty air?

    Jonathan Cainer

    The manufacturers of washing powder! But sometimes, the greatest beneficiaries of a bad thing, are the folk who do a good thing. A potentially symbiotic relationship requires reflection this weekend. An unhealthy correlation must be understood if it is to be healed. This may sound like odd advice for an astrologer to offer. The great gift the sky has in store for you this weekend is wisdom. Perhaps we should be afraid of courage! Does it not sometimes lead us to daft decisions?

    If, indeed, we ever do find ourselves in such a predicament, the very last thing we should then do is lapse into humble self-pity. Summon more of the very strength that led you to where you are now. Have more faith in it and in yourself this weekend. All will yet be well. Life may well be frail, fleeting and temporary yet to discuss this, in song, story or even zodiac forecast, is taboo. Yet without that perspective, we can make dreadful decisions. Be high, be clear and be conscious this weekend. There is nothing wrong with making an accommodation. There is never any shame in showing sensitivity.

    Daily Scorpio Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

    If someone needs something from us and we may just possibly be able to supply that by adapting or adjusting our behaviour or demeanour, why should we not be so kind? Give as freely as you know how to give this weekend but be careful and restrained about what you allow yourself to take. Humans are conversational creatures. We like to exchange pleasantries. Yet once in a while, there seems an urgent need for a deep discussion over some profound matter.

    After a while, we stop questioning things. Even if we are inquisitive, even contradictory by nature, we accept a situation is the way it is and then give it no further thought. Only after a while, does an anomaly become so apparent it can no longer be ignored. We often equate such experiences with discomfort.

    None of us like being obliged to rethink what we took for granted. Be ready to reap that benefit. Monday is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde. At that time, Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. That is the essence of the retrograde — Mercury going by. When it does, it usually passes a little above or below the Sun. Most conjunctions are not exact alignments; they are a little off, on the vertical axis.

    This happens in the sign Taurus. The most fleeting of the planets, Mercury, meets the Sun in its most solid and stable sign, in a kind of mutual infusion of energy.

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